July and August
1158 Route 52
Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759

1976 - 2013

Sisters Joan Ciment & Marcia Sage

Bracelet Cuff Starfish Diamonds
Bracelet White Antique Style
Bracelet White Yellow Cuffs Diamonds
Bracelets Redandblue Stones Matching Diamondring2
Bracelet Cuff Wide Starfish With Ring
Bracelet With Flowers Gold Matching Ring Diamonds
Bracelet Multi Colored Stones
Bracelet Diamond Alternating 3strands Matching Ring
Bracelete Alternating 3 Strands Diamonds
Bracelet Diamond Gold Ring_black
Bracelet Diamond Red Stone Flowers
Bracelete Cuff Wide Diamonds Flowers1
Bracelet 3 Strands White
Bracelet Diamond Red Stones Flowers Matching Ring
Bracelete Gold Bow Design Matching Ring
Bracelet Blue Topaz Squares With Scrolls
Bracelet Diamonds Antique Style1
Bracelets Gold Diamonds 3strands
Bracelet Cuff Crisscross Design Gold Diamonds
Bracelet Gold Matching Diamond Ring
Bracelets Paid Blue Black
Bracelet Cuff Diamonds Blue Stones
Bracelet Matching Ring Gold Diamonds1
Bracelets Paid Red Blue Diamond Stones Round Shapes
Bracelet Cuff Diamonds Starfish2
Bracelet Multiple Strands
Bracelets Paid Red Blue Diamond Stones
Bracelet Cuff Diamondshape Design Gold
Bracelet Onyx Diamonds Looped Figure Eights
Bracelets Pair Red Green Stones Diamonds
Bracelet Cuff Matchinghalves Matching Ring
Bracelet Rope Style Black White1
Bracelets Redandblue Stones Matching Diamondring
Fancy Emerald and Diamond Formal Bracelet
Ruby and Sapphire Bangles
Gold Italian Bangle with Diamonds
Red and Blue Bangles
Tri Color Diamond Butterfly Bangle
Yellow Gold and Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Yellow and White Diamonds Bangle Bracelet