July and August
1158 Route 52
Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759

1976 - 2013

Sisters Joan Ciment & Marcia Sage

Earrings Pave Diamond Hoops
Earrings Hanging Flower Gold1
Earrings Circle Shape
Earring 2 Piece Blue Grey
Earrings Hanging Pear Shape Multiple Stones
Earrings Diamond Drops
Earring Hanging Ball Diamonds
Earrings Diamond Flowers
Earring Hanging Blue White1
Earrings Diamond Hoops
Earring Hanging Gold Diamonds1
Earrings Drops
Earring Hanging Green Tree
Earrings Hanging Diamonds
Earring Hanging Red Greensquare Gold
Earrings Red Sapphires
Earring Hanging Two Pear Loops
Earrings Red Stones
Earring Hoop Simple Diamonds
Earrings Two Tone
Earrings Big Diamond Circle Hoop Hanging
Earrings Black Diamond
Earrings Yellow Stones Hoop
Earrings Diamond Flowers1
Earrings Diamond Double Hoop
Hanging Black and Orange Earrings
Italian Gold Diamond Earrings
Black and White Diamond Earrings
Dangling Colorful Earrings
Round Shaped Hanging Earrings with Diamonds
Hanging Earrings with Multi-Colored Stones
Pearl Shaped Earrings with Blue Stones
Round Diamond hanging earrings formal style
Oval Shaped Diamond and Gold Earrings with Hoops